Dataprint can manage all of your transactional and direct mail correspondence. This  includes in-house mailing services through our state-of-the-art ‘Automated Document Factory’, and a menu of online customer communication services.


Services Include

Customer Data Capture

Design - Transactional document design

Programming – Translating your data to produce your documents

Data management – Data and address cleansing

Physical Document Creation

Print - Digital full colour variable printing

Inserts - Intelligent and full-integrity mail insert processing – Direct Connect

Delivery - Postage and distribution

Electronic Document Creation

Distribution - Electronic document distribution

Capture - Document scanning and data capture

Online archival services - Integrate with your key customer touch points

Additional Data Services

Payments - Online customer bill payments

Campaigns - Response processing, measurement and reporting

Online bill hosting - For customer self service

Our work is supported by Magnify, our business improvement model. This ensures projects and transitions to Dataprint deliver remarkable outcomes for your business.


We make sure we understand what success looks like to you and focus our conversations on understanding your internal efficiencies. As a result, you’re more effective in adding value to your customer relationships.

All of our engagements are driven by Magnify, starting with defining outcomes, then process mapping the situation to gain a clear understanding of where the gaps are. The final component delivers a solution that bridges the gaps.

Magnify is a constant cyclical process – it’s about understanding your business and keeping what we provide fresh and relevant at all times.

There is always a business risk when transitioning to a new mailhouse. Out of more than 70 corporations who have recently transitioned to Dataprint, each transition was delivered on time, on budget, and without major issues.

This isn’t just because our world-class staff are the very best at what they do- it’s also because they work closely with your key people,  every step of the way. 

Data Management

We have an on-going responsibility to manage your data – and we take this seriously. Our leading-edge systems protect your data against internal and external threats, and we keep only that data needed to directly provision our services. If we don’t need the data, it is securely destroyed.

Brand Management

Often your transactional communications are the only regular touchpoint you have with your customers. That’s why we see ourselves as your brand guardians. This extends from redesigning your brand to managing your on-going communications – they’ll ensure everything we do is accurate, timely, and immaculate.

Process Management

Our systems, processes, technology and people are world class. We closely follow the Gartner recommended system for managing sensitive documents – Automated Document Factory. Very few operations in the New Zealand market can claim this – it’s one of the things that sets us apart. 

If you have experienced unacceptable privacy issues with your existing mailhouse provider, contact the Dataprint experts to discuss a better, more secure service.

Does your company care about the environment? We do too.

We are committed to business sustainability in all our activities and products. In fact, in 2015 we achieved Enviro-Mark Diamond Certification, which is equivalent to the world standard ISO 14001 requirements. We stand as one of the few companies in New Zealand that have reached that certification.

How did we get there?

We include environmental considerations in everything we do. We minimise our waste and promote recycling, and we drive performance improvements by setting environmental targets.